03/10/2014 05:11 EDT | Updated 03/11/2014 12:59 EDT

John Freeman, Alberta Ice Climber, Survives Scary Fall (VIDEO)

Look no further than John Freeman for proof of Canadian toughness.

The climber and rope access supervisor from Canmore, Alta. was scaling an ice wall at Icefield Parkway #93N in Banff National Park two years ago when he survived "one of the craziest ice falls ever recorded," says Epic TV.

The extreme sports website posted a video of Freeman's fall as part of its "Sub-Zero" series, which profiles Canadian ice climbers, on March 3.

Freeman swung an axe into the ice five times before the whole face shattered and sent him hurtling 60 feet down, The Daily Mail reported.

AOL Travel UK has still images of the fall.

This kind of experience would be enough to convince most of us to never climb again. But what did Freeman do? He told EpicTV that he skied out, went home and "I think I climbed the next day."

Truly, this is Canadian grit at its finest.

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