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March Break Madness: Healthy Snack Options For Your Kids' Week Off

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You love your kids, that’s a given. But having them go from being at school five days a week to staying home all day with you for a whole week can get overwhelming at times. What activities should you plan? What movies are out that you can go see? Most importantly: what should you feed your children? Here are six fun, simple and healthy snack options for your kids’ week off – and feel free to do some snacking of your own as well!

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March Break Madness: Healthy Snack Options For Your Kids' Week Off
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1. Going nuts yet?

Most nuts are a source of iron and are packed-full of energy. There are lots to choose from -- peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashews -- and they are perfect bite-sized foods that can help you and your kids power through the day! They’re also a great meat alternative. There’s no prep time needed, and they are easy to portion in baggies or mini containers for your convenience. Choose salt-free nuts and add some extra flavour with spices like cumin, curry or cayenne pepper.

2. 10-second smoothie

Need a snack in a flash? If you have a blender at home, simply throw in some crushed ice with a splash of milk, fortified soy beverage or lower fat yogurt and a handful of fresh or frozen berries of your choice, with a banana. This will help you and the little ones reach the recommended number of Food Guide servings of vegetables and fruits set out in the Eating Well with Canada Food Guide.

3. Mock bruschetta

It may not be the same as Nonna’s, but this mock bruschetta is healthier than delivery pizza and makes a quick, easy snack. Dice some tomatoes and chop some basil, adding a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and spread a generous layer of the mix on warm toasted whole grain bread. Add a bit of grated lower-fat mozzarella for flavour, and you’ve got yourself a snack that everyone can enjoy.

4. Chip n’ dip

Making guacamole from scratch sounds daunting, but with the right preparation, it can be quite painless. Mash several avocados and add diced tomatoes and onions, a bit of olive oil, a dash of hot sauce, if you like, and presto! Make and serve with corn chips, or with your favourite veggies, like peppers, carrots and celery.

Stay strong and stick to these smart snacking options. Healthy snacks and active kids make for a happy March Break! Enjoy!