03/11/2014 01:54 EDT | Updated 03/11/2014 03:59 EDT

Couple's Tweets Over Malaysian Airline Flight Read Like An Emotional Roller Coaster

As families anguish over the uncertain fate of loved one missing on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, one woman is expressing her relief on Twitter after her boyfriend narrowly missed boarding the ill-fated plane.

On Friday, Cylithria Dubois, a U.S. businesswoman, called her business partner and boyfriend to let her know she was feeling ill and overworked. Her boyfriend, who has only been identified as "Kaiden" by multiple media outlets, begrudgingly agreed he would pick up the slack, causing him to miss flight MH370 which disappeared mysteriously hours later.

"Kaiden" was travelling with two other people, according to the International Business Times. Neither of his companions made their scheduled flight. When Dubois realized her boyfriend was scheduled to fly on the missing plane, she took to Twitter to get in touch.

Nearly 90 minutes later after her rush of tweets, "Kaiden" replied.

Afterwards, the couple focused their tweets on the missing 239 passengers and cabin crew.

In an email statement to Reuters, Dubois said she didn't want to draw attention to themselves and says focus should be on those who are still unaccounted for.

"I am deeply chagrined by the attention that Kaiden and I drew upon ourselves with our tweets," said Dubois. "At a time when the focus should be upon those aboard the ill-fated flight and their loved ones, I feel rather dumb speaking at all."

She later released a statement via her personal blog:

If I had one thing to say to anyone enduring through the loss of Flight MH370 it would be I am so very sorry. I am sorry for your pains, your troubles, your sorrows, and fears. I am sorry for any losses you endure. I am sorry you had to even know of myself or Kaiden and our connection to a flight neither of us were on. May courage, comfort and compassion blanket each of you. I honor your loved ones. I honor each of you. I’m deeply sorry for all you’re going through.

Dubois's boyfriend also tweeted a few telling moments of clarity after realizing his girlfriend might have just saved his live.

It's still uncertain what happened to the 777-200 Boeing passenger jet as concrete evidence on the investigation has been scarce since Saturday. Rescue crews from Vietnam, Malaysia, China and the U.S. are entering their fifth day of the search but have yet to come across any evidence of the plane.

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