03/11/2014 15:00 EDT | Updated 05/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Jean-François Lisée says Anglo-Quebecers not undervalued

Jean-François Lisée, the Parti Québécois's candidate for Rosemont, says Anglo-Quebecers are underestimating how much the province invests into the anglophone community.​

On Tuesday, Lisée joined the Liberal's Jacques-Cartier riding candidate, Geoff Kelley, for a special discussion on CBC's Daybreak hosted at the Beaconsfield AMT train station.

Lisée said the anglophone community is justified in feeling its contributions to Quebec society are sometimes underestimated. 

But he added that Anglo-Quebecers may not realize how much the province has put into the anglophone community.

"I think also that Anglophones are underestimating the investment that the Quebec francophones society is making into anglophone institutions."

Lisée pointed to the McGill University Health Centre superhospital project as an example.

"That's a major investment of Quebec society ... Nowhere else in North America will you see a minority community having a superhospital built," he said. 

"We have a very vibrant anglophone community."