03/11/2014 10:54 EDT | Updated 03/12/2014 09:59 EDT

Strangers Kissing In 'First Kiss' Is A Beautiful Thing (VIDEO)


There's something about strangers kissing.

And something more, apparently, about watching them.

Since being posted to YouTube on Monday, artist Tatia Pilieva's short clip, 'First Kiss,' has been viewed millions of times.

The idea?

Ask 20 complete strangers to kiss for the first time.

As it turns out, the video is a fashion ad for LA-based label Wren, but it certainly hasn't diminished our fervour for watching people make out.

In just one day, the clip garned some seven million views on YouTube.

In act after act of 'First Kiss,' the jangly, all-too familiar anxieties of the pre-lip-lockdown mesmerizes.



Nervous giggle.



"Do we just do this anytime?"

More staring, playing with hair, sidelong glances.

"Can you turn out the lights?"

There are handshakes, even.

And one polite gentleman asks, "Shall we make out?"



Turns out stranger-on-stranger kissing is dynamite.

Then again, this short film -- featuring models, actors and singers -- is rather bereft of the kind of strangers we might encounter, say on the morning commute. You know, the grim menagerie of sleepy-eyed cranks, the elbowing elderly man, the angry fellow who should never have gotten out of bed this morning.

Wonder what it would be like to kiss one of those sterling samples of humanity?

Instead, Pilieva showcases the bewilderingly beautiful, making out with a passion that is both unexpected.

And unexpectedly heartwarming.

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