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'22 Minutes' Mrs. Enid's Trip To Florida Sums Up The State's Highs And Lows (VIDEO)


As a winter storm pummels the eastern half of Canada, many of us are probably longing to be anywhere that doesn't look like the inside of a snow globe.

When it comes to warm, non-snowy destinations, the first place to come to most Canadians' minds is Florida. Now, it's no secret that Canucks love the Sunshine State — roughly 3.7 million Canadians visited the state in 2013.

It's also no secret the majority of those 3.7 million were probably snow birds. You know, the typical, older travellers from the Great White North who flock to warmer pastures come every winter.

You can count "This Hour Has 22 Minutes'" Mrs. Enid as one of those snow birds. During her trip to Florida, the show's character, played by Cathy Jones, highlights the best of the best and worst of the state.

Some of the positives: Sunshine, sand, warmth and beaches, oranges, alligators and a 40 oz of duty-free liquor. Oh and not getting shot. "Which is the most you can ask from Florida," quips Jones' character.

The negatives? So. Many. Old. People. With. Speedos.

You can watch the rest of Enid's trip in the clip above.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes airs on CBC TV Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. Catch more clips of the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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