03/12/2014 12:16 EDT | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Homeless Black Bear Mom, Triplet Cubs Relocated

SMITHERS, B.C. - A mother black bear and her triplet cubs are now snoring through the remainder of their hibernation in Smithers, B.C., oblivious to the frantic arrangements underway outside their den.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society is scrambling to raise $4,000 to upgrade its grizzly bear enclosure after accepting the entire family into the shelter that usually only cares for very young cubs.

Spokeswoman Tanja Landry says the facility is willing to rehabilitate the animals, but safety upgrades must be made to accommodate the mother bear.

She says none of the volunteers wants to confront the protective bear as she emerges from her new den in about a month.

A dog excavated the mother and cubs from their original, Prince George-area den last Sunday, and the drowsy adult climbed a tree, leaving the cubs helpless on the ground.

A conservation officer arranged for the whole family to be tranquilized and moved to the Smithers shelter, where all the animals are now said to be resting. (CFTK)

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