03/12/2014 14:39 EDT | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 EDT

'Don't touch my kippa' graffiti targets Bernard Drainville

Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois says vandalism discovered outside her party’s Longueuil offices is totally unacceptable.

Longueuil police are investigating after vandals spray-painted swastikas over campaign posters outside of the PQ’s offices on Chambly Road, in the Marie-Victorin riding. 

Some of the graffiti was aimed at Bernard Drainville, the PQ candidate for the riding.

Spray paint on the side of one building states “Drainville out. Don't touch my kippa."

Marois responded to the vandalism this morning, saying these type of acts don’t belong in democracy.

“I denounce these acts,” she said.

“We are in a democracy where it is possible to have discussion, to talk about any issue in our society and [vandalism] is not the way to do things.''

Longueuil police Const. Jean-Pierre Voutsinos said it’s clear that Drainville's office was the target of the vandalism.

Drainville is known for his role as the minister responsible for his party’s controversial secular charter.

Voutsinos said police are trying to track down witnesses and find out if any security cameras captured what happened.

So far investigators have no description of any suspects.