03/12/2014 11:14 EDT | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Identical Triplet Girls Born To Saskatoon Couple

RubberBall Productions via Getty Images
SASKATOON - The odds say there's about a million-to-one chance of it happening.

Teri-Lynn and Andrew Pocha of Saskatoon have become the shocked but proud parents of identical triplet girls.

Aubrey, Madeline and Sophie came into the world Monday at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital, but will remain in neo-natal intensive care for about two weeks to gain more weight before going home. All the babies are around four pounds.

The babies have blue eyes and light-brown hair, and the parents say they will paint their toenails different colours to tell them apart.

"They all look the same. I didn't think they would right off the bat," said mom Teri-Lynn. "The only way you can tell them apart is ... if you look at their size really closely."

Andrew Pocha recalled the couple's reaction when the first ultrasound detected not one but three babies on the way.

"We went into the appointment only expecting one baby in there, and when she said there were two, possibly three, heads we ... looked at each other and were in complete shock," said Andrew.

The couple already have a son and a daughter. Ayden is eight and Ava is six.

Andrew fears everyone will be kissing the dashboard when they pile into their Honda Civic, so one of the first moves after the babies get home will be to shop around for a bigger family car.


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