03/12/2014 12:22 EDT | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Olympic speedskater Anouk English won't have to sell medal

A Canadian speedskater and Olympic double-medallist says she won't have to sell one of her medals to help finance a comeback at the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea.

Anouk Leblanc-Boucher, who now goes by Anouk English, won a bronze medal in the 500-metre short track event, and silver medal in the 3,000-metre relay in the 2006 Turin Olympics.

The Quebec native, who now lives in Saint John, where she is a speedskating coach and personal trainer, recently posted an ad on Kijiji to sell her skates for $7,000 and one of her medals for $1 million to help her get back on the national team.

But she say the ad led to offers from sponsors, so she plans to keep her treasured possessions.

She does, however, still have other items up for sale.

"For $5,000, I'll send you a giant picture with my autograph on it, [I'm] even offering one of my medals from the Canadian Championship, which are nothing like the Olympic medal, but for $5,000, you can get one of those," she said.

English is also crowd-funding on the website

It's still a long road to the Olympics after an eight-year hiatus, she said.

"It's definitely going to be hard. I’ve got to get back in shape and the girls are faster than when I left, so I've got to get faster.

"I'm definitely going to have to do a lot of video analysis to make sure I know those new rules, slight changes, but it's going to make a difference on how you race, so I definitely have to be ready for that."

English said she has already started to lighten her work load to get ready for training.