03/12/2014 11:40 EDT | Updated 03/12/2014 11:59 EDT

Is A Desk Treadmill Your Ticket To Better Health? (VIDEO)

"I am too busy. I work too many hours. I am literally chained to my desk," — you've probably heard these excuses for not working out. Perhaps you've even said them yourself.

It's one of the struggles of today's working reality: How do you find time to exercise while maintaining a busy work schedule? Perhaps a desk treadmill is the answer? New York Times health blogger Amy Harmon is chronicling her experiences walking on a desk treadmill at work.

Sitting a desk all day has been called the "new smoking" by many health experts and these days many workplaces are providing stand up desks for staff that require them. Of course, not all workplaces provide such amenities, leaving many industrious employees to find their own stand up desk hacks.

Watch the video above to find out what a stand up desk treadmill is like.

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