03/13/2014 11:22 EDT | Updated 03/14/2014 02:59 EDT

Belgians Show The World What A Real First Kiss Looks Like (VIDEO)

Turns out when complete strangers kiss for the first time on camera, there’s a whole lot of tongue and light buttock grabbing – at least in Belgium.

After the viral “First Kiss” video was revealed to be an ad with actors for L.A.-based fashion label Wren earlier this week, “Volt” TV host Kobe Ilsen hit the streets of Antwerp to find out what would happen if two non-actors shared a kiss.

So what did Ilsen learn from his experiment? Belgians don’t do pecks or smooches; they opt for full-on inaugural make out sessions.

One woman was even courteous enough to send her Americian kissing partner off with a cordial, “Thanks, enjoy your stay in Belgium.”

[h/t Jezebel]

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