03/13/2014 12:54 EDT | Updated 03/13/2014 12:59 EDT

Women's Skin Stories Are Inspiring And Heart-Wrenching (VIDEO)


Most women have their sore spots when it comes to their skin.

Whether it be acne, dryness, moles or rosacea, there are plenty of ailments that make us insecure about how we look.

So, when we saw Dermablend's new campaign which features real women talking about their skin issues, we cheered on the inside.

The video campaign, called Camo Confessions, encourages women to take off their makeup and concealer and features women like YouTube makeup guru Cassandra Bankson and Cheri Lindsay, who has vitiligo.

Cassandra, a young woman who became an Internet sensation after posting an acne-concealing makeup tutorial, wipes away her makeup with a towel in the video as she talks about the horrifying reactions she got as a result of her skin condition which started when she was in Grade 3.

"When you hear [negative comments] like that on a daily basis, it becomes really hard to love yourself," Cassandra says in a heart-breaking confession.

Cheri, an assistant volleyball coach at a college, talks about how her skin pigment disorder spread quickly during her sophomore year in college and how kids react to her condition (positively!)

"Can I still live with this and be successful?" she asks. "Hell, yes."

Both women choose to cover up their skin conditions. For Cheri, she uses makeup so that people can look past her two-toned skin while Cassandra covers up as a way to "add purpose" to her life.

Check out all the Camo Confessions videos on Dermablend's YouTube page.

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