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Crystal Brooke, Playboy Miss Social From Edmonton, Stars In 'Fargo' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Two years ago, Crystal Brooke was a single mom raising a one-year-old and maintaining a horse breeding operation near Edmonton after her husband left her.

Today, life is on the up and up for a blonde beauty who has since been nicknamed the "Canadian snow bunny."

Her photos are posted all over the Playboy website. She has starred in a popular reality show.

And this weekend she'll be shooting a role on "Fargo," a Calgary-shot TV series starring Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, The Edmonton Sun reported.

Brooke, 33, moved from Lillooet, B.C. to the Edmonton area about 18 years ago and started the stable, she said in a YouTube video.

She felt she needed a change in her life in early 2012. She went online and learned about Playboy's "Miss Social" contest, an online competition in which entrants post non-nude photos and earn votes based on social activity and daily and weekly challenges.

Her Instagram account shows that she started posting photos for the competition as early as Sept. 17, 2012.

Through the contest, she met a judge named Tanner, who referred to her as a "Canadian snow bunny," and the nickname stuck.

She kept posting photos of herself on social media until she was named Miss Social in November 2013.

And it's been all uphill from there. She appeared on the reality show "Millionaire Matchmaker" on Jan. 9 and she tweeted that she's being considered for two movies this summer.

Just last Thursday, she posted Instagram photos of herself at the Playboy mansion and inside Hugh Hefner's guest room.

On Friday, someone asked her on Twitter, "Why would a guy choose to leave you, what a dummy."

Her response? "Thank you, shooting for the stars has made me happy again :)"

Check out photos of Edmonton's Crystal Brooke:

Crystal Brooke, Playboy Miss Social Winner From Edmonton

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