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Vancouver Rentals: Closets For Rent, March 2014

Some people in Vancouver are advertising a tempting way to cut down high housing costs: small rooms for rent. Like really small. Like 100 square-feet small.

So more like really pricey closets.

vancouver den for rent

We can just imagine the conversation when setting up the photo to list this unfurnished $600 den: "Make sure to get the best angle. Do we need to stage this? Nah, it speaks for itself."

vancouver small closet

For $430/month, this "den" can be your private sleep space, with a stunning view of the electrical panels. There is a $215 damage deposit. You know, in case you bang your head and mark up the drywall.

vancouver small closet

While no windows are available, the listing does say that "dish soap, salt, pepper, canola oil, olive oil, sriracha sauce" are included with rent. So you have that.

vancouver apartment

This 100 sq.-ft. rental is listed at $570/month in a four-storey downtown walk-up. While it only comes with a sink and fridge, it looks like there's plenty of space for a giant Mac and a cozy chair.

Shared bathroom and coin laundry facilities are down the hall.

To be fair, most of the pricey closets we found have convenient downtown locations, and some even include fancy amenities like a gym or swimming pool in the condo building. But could you sleep regularly in such a small space?

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