03/14/2014 09:02 EDT | Updated 03/14/2014 09:59 EDT

Vancouver's Part Time Pooch Lets You Share Your Dog

Vancouver is undoubtedly a city of dog lovers, but that doesn't mean everyone has the time or money for one of their own.

Enter Part Time Pooch, a company that connects the city's dog owners with dog lovers. Think of it as a dog share.

“It’s for CEOs that are too busy to own a dog, it’s for people that travel for work or it’s for families that want to show their kids what it takes to own a dog,” founder Gavin Flett told the National Post.

“Sometimes people just want to hang out with a dog.”

The program is free for dog lovers who want a short-term companion, while dog owners can choose from a variety of paid packages. Owners can then browse host profiles on the site (hosts can also check out dog profiles); from there, the two parties talk and come to an arrangement.

“I wanted to do something that helps build the community," Flett told The Province. “This is the same as leaving the dog with the neighbour you've gotten to know; it’s just enriching that pool of people.”

Does the idea make you bark with excitement or growl with disapproval?

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