03/15/2014 15:44 EDT | Updated 05/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Former teacher finds new home for film collection

The curriculum has long since been updated, and the technology is pretty much obsolete. But former high school teacher Dan Fewings of Peterborough, Ont. is proud of his collection of his films, which for decades were considered cutting-edge education in Ontario.

His collection of 2,600 cans of film includes classics like Nanook of the North and Paddle to the Sea, and were once a source of great excitement among his students.

“When a film came on it was like ‘Aw yeah!’ It was like taking a field trip,” Fewings told CBC News.

He’s moved all those cans six times but, about to lose his storage space again, Fewings and his son Josh are instead handing them to a local bar which plans to host movie nights.