03/15/2014 05:16 EDT | Updated 05/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Google never forgets, expert warns of nude online photos

A Memorial University social media professor says raunchy photos that are shared on social media live on the internet forever, potentially harming a person's future employment. 

Lyle Wetsch, a professor with the business faculty, is responding to photos that were taken at a new club on George Street in St. John's on March 8. 

Some of the pictures, taken by New York-based nightlife photographer Kirill, show partially nude women who were in attendance for Allure's launch. 

The photos were shared rapidly on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, after Kirill posted them to his website. 

"How can people continue to not realize the long-term potential impacts of acts such as this can have?" Wetsch said.

"Google never forgets. Once something's up there on the web it can't be taken down."

While young people are often seen as social media experts, Wetsch said, many need to learn what not to put online. 

Wetsch said pictures of people — whether they're naked or not — drinking heavily can have a major impact on their futures. 

"It can have an impact, perhaps not necessarily on their current position but it will have an impact on future positions, particularly if their names are attached to it," he said.

"What's happening today is that 95 per cent of organizations are going to Google prospective employees for a job."