03/17/2014 12:41 EDT

34 Things Only GO Train Users Can Relate To

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If a Presto card is just as important as your bank cards and the Quiet Zone is the best part of your commute, you know you're a GO Transit user.

A division of Metrolinx, GO Transit is spread across the GTA and Hamilton regions of Ontario. With over 251,000 riders daily, according to the company's April 2013 statistics, GO Tranist has six lines and 63 stations.

While commutes are an unavoidable fact of modern life, studies have shown our trips to work and school (whether driving or via public transit) are hurting our bodies, resulting in headaches, stress and an inactive brain. According to Huffington Post Canada blogger Andrew Tai, you can reduce your commute stress by listening to classical music or switching up your routes (if this is possible).

As frequent users of GO Transit, we came up with the ultimate list of things we adore, despise and generally, have to deal with every single day. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below:

  • That Annoying Moment When The GO Train Doors Shut On Your Face
  • When You Put Your Presto Card In Your Wallet Or Bag And It Won't Tap On Or Off
    Then you look like a weirdo making all these random body gestures trying to make it work.
  • The People Who Don't Follow Quiet Hours
    We don't want to hear about how stressful your morning was or how the kids were giving you a hard time.
  • That Feeling Of Betrayal When The Train Moves A Few Inches Away From The Spot You're Standing In
    This is probably the worst one on this list.
  • When You Forget To Tap Off
  • When Rowdy Drunk People Crowd The Train After Concerts Or Games
    Don't. Come. Downtown.
  • People Who Put Their Feet Up On Seats
    Especially with dirty, dirty, boots.
  • When You Decide To Do The Same Thing But Can't Remove The Chair Cushion
    And sometimes you find garbage you don't want to deal with.
  • This Is How You Do It
    Nailed it.
  • When A Transit Officer Wakes You Up Mid-Nap To See If You Paid
    All those wasted dreams.
  • Speaking Of Paying, Also Watching People Get Away With Not Paying
  • When Your Train Shows Up On A Different Track
    Twitter/Meredith Karcher
  • You Hate When Your Friends Who Use The TTC Complain About Delays
    Don't you know my train comes twice an hour?
  • Or When They Complain About Their Monthly Pass Prices
    Do you know how much it costs to go to Burlington, Ont. every single day?! (Answer: Anywhere from $19.20 to $21.10)
  • Union Station Is Pretty Much Your Second Home
  • Being Disgusted By Drunk People Who Make Out/Have Sex In The Bathrooms
    And then run out pulling their pants up.
  • The Excitement You Feel When The GO Takes You To Niagara Falls
  • Knowing Buses Will Always Miss Their Scheduled Times
    We don't have time for this.
  • But This App Is Pretty Amazing
    ... as long as you have a data connection. Editor's note: Unfortunately as on January 2016, GO has discontinued this app. We're sad.
  • That Feeling When You Catch The Express Service Instead Of The Regular Line
    Yes! You'll be home 15 minutes earlier.
  • Or Find A Parking Spot ... Win
    Twitter/Raminderpreet Singh ‏
    It happens.
  • The Feeling Of Relief When You're Actually Comfortable
    Headphones? Check. Silence? Check.
  • Remember That Time You Survived The Snake-Filled Flood?
    Yes! Snakes on a train.
  • The Nostalgia Of These Cardboard Trains!
  • Hating On People Who Take Their Shoes Off In The Train
  • When Trains Have Signal Problems
    All the time ...
  • The Happiness Of Seeing This At A Toronto Subway Station
    (Pro tip: They're here.)
  • Cool Opportunities For Photography
    Brian Trinh
    Because GO Train photography is awesome?!
  • Knowing Rouge Hill Has One Of The Best Views In The City
    Twitter/Anne Marie Aikins ‏
    Are we in Toronto?
  • The Social Media Accounts For GO Transit Are Pretty Damn Good
    They will tweet back at you and post really awesome retro pics of GO transit. (Like pictured here)
  • That Feeling Of Moving All Your Plans Around Just To Catch Your Train
  • When There Are Two Tracks For Your Train And The Opposite Doors Open First
    Obviously you're annoyed people get in before you do. It's an ego thing.
  • Does Wi-Fi Ever Work?!
    Twitter/Patrick Searle
  • The Announcers Are The Best
    Nothing about the GO train is automated — these people are real, informative and often quite funny. You can find them in the accessibility cart.
  • But Hey, At Least There Is A Place For Us To Rant
    If you take the GO often and you haven't heard of This Crazy Train, you're welcome.