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Holi Images 2014: 10 Photos From Instagram To Welcome Spring

If you're finding it unbearable to last between now and the official start of spring (March 20), we'd like to suggest taking a trip to India, because there certainly aren't any winter blues there.

That's partially because Hindus in the country are currently celebrating Holi, sometimes known as the Festival of Light, as a way to mark the start of spring, according to their lunar calendar.

Things typically kick off the night before with bonfires to symbolize how good triumphed over evil, but the main event follows the day after. That's when locals and visitors take to the streets, tossing and pitching each other with coloured powder called "gulal," as well as water.

The festival is particularly friendly to tourists, as most social norms seem to disappear with the clouds of colour. The country's typical caste structure breaks down for the day to let people — regardless of stature, job or wealth — to mingle, mix and have fun. There's even a special drink made from fermented cannabis prepared for Holi called "bhang lassi" that may just put your friend's batch of "special brownies" to shame.

Can't make it to India? Well, the festival's popularity has spread over the years to nearby countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal for more people to enjoy.

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