03/17/2014 10:48 EDT | Updated 03/18/2014 12:59 EDT

Marshmallow The Escape-Artist Cat Won't Let Himself Be Caged (VIDEO)

Look at this wise-guy cat, freeing himself from not one, but two cages.

Meet Marshmallow. He’s the mascot for a Marseille veterinary clinic and has been living a quiet life until a video of his Houdini-like talents was uploaded to YouTube.

For over a month, he's been stealing the hearts of viewers everywhere, prompting some to question why this extraordinary cat, nicknamed the “king of escape,” was caged in the first place.

“For all non-French, who are offended by the cage: the cat is at the vet, and he was only put in the cage to show that he is able to open it,” explained YouTube user Peppermint in the video’s description.

Bravo, Marshmallow!

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