03/17/2014 12:47 EDT | Updated 05/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Premier Alison Redford gets 2nd resignation from Alberta Tory caucus

Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s beleaguered government lost another caucus member on Monday with the resignation of junior cabinet minister Donna Kennedy-Glans.

The Calgary MLA has resigned as associate minister for electricity and renewable energy and left the Progressive Conservative caucus to sit in the legislature as an independent, she said in a written news release.

“In 2012, I was very happy to carry the PC Party’s banner to win back Calgary Varsity,” she wrote. “Since being elected, however, and particularly since joining cabinet, I am increasingly convinced that elements of this 43-year old government are simply unable to make the changes needed to achieve that dream of a better Alberta.”

Last Thursday, Calgary MLA Len Webber announced he was quitting the PC caucus, saying he could no longer be part of a government led by Redford. He is also going to sit as an independent.

The premier has been under fire in recent weeks from within her party over controversial travel expenses and sagging popularity with Alberta voters.

Ahead of a caucus meeting on Monday, a group of 10 Tory MLAs was to meet in Calgary to discuss Redford’s leadership. 

Redford was roundly criticized for billing taxpayers $45,000 for her trip last year to South Africa for the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

Earlier this month, she agreed to foot the bill herself, but only after weeks of uproar during which more of her travel expenses came under scrutiny.

On March 4 Redford announced she would repay $3,156 — the cost of flying to Vancouver for an uncle's funeral and for bringing her daughter's friends along on four other trips.