03/17/2014 15:41 EDT | Updated 05/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Protesters won't stop Yellowknifer from selling fur

A shop owner in Vancouver who’s originally from Yellowknife says he’s not taking fur off his shelves.

Jason Overbro runs Brooklyn Clothing on Davie St.

The Vancouver Animal Defense League says fur used in the clothing Overbo sells come from animals that were mistreated. The group has had protesters outside his shop for the past four months.

Overbo says he's talked to the protesters and disagrees with their claims.

“The protesters can make any assertions they want. They can hold up horrible photos and attribute them to Canada Goose or to myself and nobody holds them accountable."

The fur products he sells the most are Canada Goose Parkas.

"I like the fact that they don't use any fur from fur farms, I like the fact that they only use coyote fur and that it's naturally sourced," Overbo says.

He says the protests happen two to three times a week consistently, and that protesters often cross the line with their aggressive tactics.

"The screaming and the chasing people down, it's very angry and it's very aggressive. They don't want to talk, they want to shout."

Overbo says he's tried to get the police to do something, but they won`t.

Michael Brooks is with the Vancouver Animal Defense League.

"Police are there and implicitly give us a thumbs up on every protest we do because we don't follow people because it's a criminal offence. We're stationed outside the store, we display imagery, we chant and we shame people who act in a shameful way."

Brooks says their facts are based on 40 years of research undertaken by hundreds of animal protection organizations.

“If I were working for Amnesty International and I was disclosing to you and your listeners that people were being tortured in North Korea, this question would never come up. It only comes up with respect to animal rights activists and obviously what that indicates is that there is an agenda there to discredit something that's been proven a million times already."

Brooks says the league wants fur off of Brooklyn's racks and that they're willing to stay as long as it takes.

But Overbo says he's standing his ground and that he won’t be bullied into doing something he doesn’t agree with.

He also says sales have gone up since the protests began.