03/17/2014 03:17 EDT | Updated 03/17/2014 04:59 EDT

Top 12 Truths About Toronto Fashion Week (GIFS, PHOTOS)

Toronto Fashion Week kicks off on March 17 and we can expect to see the style elite heat up the city thanks to their fashionable garb which no doubt will set pulses racing (namely, ours).

With the likes of favourites such as Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, VAWK and Mackage plus newcomers Outclass and Brit Wacher, the tents at Pecaut Square will be filled with fall/winter 2014 trends that aren't your average black coats, toques and scarves.

So, what actually goes underneath the White Top? If you have images of Anna Wintour mingling with Jennifer Lawrence, think again.

Although it's not New York, Milan, London or Paris, Toronto Fashion Week has its own unique highs and lows. Just the way we like it.

Here are the top 10 truths about Toronto Fashion Week:

1. Everyone Is On Their Phone, Not Paying Attention To Each Other

Don't bug me, I'm tweeting.

2. Anna Wintour Isn't There

She's our spirit animal.

3. Instead Of Lupita Nyong'o And Rihanna, We Get Elisha Cuthbert And Shane West (And We Can't Get Enough Of Them)


4. Those New Heels You Bought? Yeah, They Will Hurt A Ton

Our shoes are filling with blood.

5. Shows Hardly Ever Start On Time

So. Much. Waiting.

6. You Probably Won't End Up On A Street Style Blog


7. There Are Lots Of Designers You've Never Heard Of

Hooray for new talent!

8. Stacey McKenzie Is The Unofficial Face Of Toronto Fashion Week

One word: fierce.

9. Shows Don't Last Longer Than 10 Minutes

Their long legs make them twice as fast as mortal humans.

10. Flare, Fashion And Elle Canada Won't Offer You A Job

But you can try your hardest to be an assistant.

11. There Are Cliques, Just Like High School

Know your place in the Toronto fashion hierarchy.

12. It's Always Cold. Always.

F- you, Polar Vortex!

World MasterCard Fashion Week runs from March 17 to March 21.