03/18/2014 01:58 EDT | Updated 03/18/2014 04:59 EDT

Alberta Government Goes 'House Of Cards' (PHOTOS)

Alberta politics has had all makings of a political drama in recent days, so these 'House of Cards'-style cards don't seem that far off.

Organizers at the Canadian Strategy Group's 'House of Cards' theme event, hosted last week in Edmonton, were able to wrangle Alberta's four party leaders to pose for portraits. Accompanying taglines were added , inspired by this season's promotional portraits for the actual Netflix drama.

house of cards alberta

(Danielle Smith, Wildrose Leader)

house of cards

(Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood)

Check out the portraits, complete with subliminal messages, in the slideshow below. (Bonus points to Employment Minister Thomas Lukaszuk's card (that hair!). Negative points to Premier Alison Redford for missing the point and ruining her card with a smile. Maybe she's never seen the show?)

'House of Cards': Alberta Government Edition