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Cab Fares Around The World: Where To Find The Most Expensive Taxi Rides

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Whether you're a long-time local or a fresh-off-the-plane tourist, chances are you've hailed a cab at least once in your life.

If you've done your fair share of taxing, you know that much like the drivers inside of the vehicles, no two rides are ever the same. But how do cabs differ from metropolis to metropolis?

The following infographic, compiled by Cheapflights, compares average cab fares in dollars per kilometre across 27 cities, along with the average ride time from the nearest international airport to an area popular with tourists.

You might consider taking the bus in Berlin if you're tight on cash, since it has the highest cost with an average of $3.50 per kilometre (though to be fare, taxis in Berlin do have a record as some of Europe's quickest cabs). On the other end of the scale, fares in Buenos Aires clock in at 30 cents per kilometre.

To see how the rest of the globe compares, check out the infographic below.

From The Airport To The City: Taxi Fares Around The World

From The Airport To The City: Taxi Fares Around The World [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights Media (USA) Inc

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