03/18/2014 04:11 EDT | Updated 05/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Family ties: Five people related to each other charged in identity theft ring

CALGARY - Five people from the same family are facing at least 114 charges related to identity theft over an 18-month period.

Police say personal information stolen from more than 15 vehicles in Calgary, Banff and Invermere, B.C., was used to apply online for Home Depot credit cards.

The credit cards were used to purchase gift certificates at various store locations in Alberta and one in British Columbia.

The gift cards were then sold online at a discounted price.

Home Depot brought the suspicious activity to the attention of police.

Investigators have estimated the identity fraud at $56,000.

Charged are Jennifer Marie Shepherd, 27; Andrew James Shepherd, 32; Carol Lee Shepherd, 52; Darcy Frederick Shepherd, 50; and Sarah Annie Savoie, 30.

The accused are all from Calgary and face court appearances later this month.