03/18/2014 02:27 EDT | Updated 03/18/2014 02:59 EDT

Memes Mock Gregor Robertson, Vancouver Developer's Lunch

Some sharply pointed memes are criticizing a "suggested $25,000 per person donation" lunch organized by a prominent condo developer for Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and his party.

The Province reported on the "private roundtable" earlier this month hosted by Bob Rennie. He invited prominent professionals and encouraged them to donate $25,000 each to Vision Vancouver, said the newspaper.

Robertson is running again in November's civic election.

Critics jumped on the close relationship between developers and City Hall. Blogger Melissa Fong has even started a meme contest, and Twitter hashtag #25KLunch.

The results are pretty hilarious:

Photo gallery #25KLunch Memes See Gallery

(H/T The Georgia Straight)

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