03/19/2014 06:52 EDT | Updated 03/19/2014 06:59 EDT

Easy Cheesecake Recipes: 15 Cakes To Make At Home

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If cakes were people, we all know cheesecake would be our best friend. These creamy, delicious and often easy-to-make cakes are full of flavour and can be topped with just about anything.

Whether you like boring 'ol plain cheesecake or have a craving for a chocolaty Turtle version every month, the possibilities are endless.

Generally, cheesecakes are made with graham cracker crusts and cream cheese filling. But these days, because of dietary restrictions and creative minds, there's everything from vegan cashew cream filling to crusts made from Oreo cookies or pretzels.

If you're celebrating a birthday anytime soon or just looking for a good excuse to start baking, here are 15 of our favourite cheesecake recipes from around the web. Caution: You may just end up eating more than one flavour.

15 Easy Cheesecake Recipes

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