03/19/2014 08:12 EDT | Updated 03/20/2014 02:59 EDT

The First Day Of Spring Has Us Really, Really Happy

Spring is here! It’s time to come out of hibernation, shake off our grumpy attitudes and layers of clothing.

After having a cold, dark winter that seemed to last forever, we deserve to enjoy the longer-lasting sunshine, chirping birds of spring and the happiness they’ll bring.

March 20th isn’t just the first day of spring, it’s also the International Day of Happiness – a United Nations-declared day to help individuals from 140 countries realize the meaning of true happiness, beyond material goods and money. The day was first celebrated last year after the UN General Assembly decided that happiness should be recognized as a “fundamental human goal.”

To celebrate happiness, organizers asked people to head to social media and share the source of their happiness. Hundreds of people around the world shared photos and messages about their family, pets, books, jobs and more.

What makes us happy is the promise of warmer, sunny spring days. Here are some of the seasons why the arrival of spring has us so excited!

20 Reasons Spring Makes Us Happy