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Rob Ford Gets Very Physical With Media At City Hall (VIDEO)


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his security detail again got physical with journalists Wednesday, just hours after a detailed description of the infamous crack video was made public in a release of court documents.

Ford sneaked out of an executive committee meeting through a back door shortly after the news broke Wednesday morning.

And, according to Global News' Jackson Proskow, later went outside City Hall to film a show about food trucks.

As you might have guessed, journalists who had plenty of questions for Ford — namely, whether he ever ordered his former driver and accused extortionist Alexander Lisi to retrieve the crack video — promptly followed him.

As you also might have guessed, Ford wasn't interested in answering their questions.

And it didn't take long for the pushing and shoving to start. WARNING, the footage contains explicit language.

The Toronto Star recorded the melee.

Top Toronto journalists took to Twitter to share details.

The incident is reminiscent of an altercation Ford got in last October after the first round of documents related to the Lisi police investigation became public.

Ford shoved photographers waiting for him outside his Etobicoke home.

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In November, Ford and his wife, Renata, charged through a pool of reporters at City Hall after a press conference in which he apologized for crude remarks he made about their sex life.

The couple did not use another available exit.

Ford's security detail got very physical with members of the media and Global News later reported that a camera person was punched in the stomach.

CBC's Steven D'Souza posted a Vine of the Fords' exit which spread quickly on social media.

Toronto voters head to the polls on Oct. 27.

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