03/20/2014 07:49 EDT | Updated 05/20/2014 05:59 EDT

Academy Awards a success for P.E.I. business

A Charlottetown business is looking forward to becoming a supplier to the stars after taking advantage of an invitation to the Academy Awards.

Nicole Mead, owner of Wax!t, was in the Academy Awards gifting suite, handing out samples of her emu skin care products to Hollywood stars such as Mickey Rooney, Kim Whitley and Sam Page of House of Cards.

Mead said the invitation came out of the blue.

"One morning I woke up and I got an email in my account from a company in Hollywood that asked me to be part of the gifting suite in honour of the Academy Awards," she said.

Every year the Academy Awards invites vendors to set up stands, and invites celebrities to come try out their products. Mead found saying she is from Prince Edward Island was a good conversation starter.

"No one knew where Prince Edward Island was," she said.

"They said 'Rhode Island? We know where that is,' and we said, 'No, Prince Edward Island.' So having that foreignness about us was very valuable in that sense."

Like all the vendors in the gifting suite, she gave away her products for free, but she is confident it will pay off.

"There's definitely opportunities in the future," said Mead.

The trip has been good publicity, and more people are coming to her Charlottetown studio.

The celebrities introduced to Wax!t products are well-stocked for the time being, but Mead said she will be following up to make sure they become her permanent clients.