03/20/2014 05:44 EDT | Updated 03/20/2014 05:59 EDT

Credit Card Scam Busted By Vancouver Police

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A major credit card scam that goes after users' reward points has been uncovered by Vancouver police.

Daniel Adam Suchecki, 34, and Christa Dawn Hucal, 25, the alleged ring leaders, have been charged with multiple offences including forgery, possession of stolen mail, and impersonation, CBC News reports.

The case has uncovered a new — and easy to overlook — form of identity theft: targeting customers' RBC Royal Bank Visa statements and using their reward points to make purchases.

Inside the couple's Surrey apartment, police found about 200 credit cards and IDs, $20,000 in gift cards, stolen mail, and a credit card writer, according to CTV News.

“It wasn’t until people started looking into their RBC rewards accounts or statements that they began to notice that these points were severely diminished,” Fincham told the news outlet.

Police also found three stolen cars, plus one car bought with a stolen identity, on the property, The Vancouver Sun reports.

While RBC cards were a favourite because their points cash-in program doesn't require a PIN, other credit card companies were also targeted, Fincham told the newspaper.

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