Best Food Toronto: Where To Get Authentic Dishes

One of the best parts about living in a city as multicultural as Toronto is the endless restaurants that offer traditional, delicious food from around the world.

Whether they’re hole-in-the-wall diners that serve schnitzel or fancy French restaurants, there’s a go-to spot in the city for whatever you’re craving. Sometimes, there are even so many great restaurants to choose from that it’s hard to decide where to eat.

While the New York Times' Francine Prose scratched the surface of the city's global offerings, and we have talked extensively about what makes this such a fabulous food city, it's time to get specific.

To make things easier, we put together a list of some of the most loved restaurants in the city serving up the real deal when it comes to food from around the world. Check them out, and let us know if we missed any of your favourites:

Authentic Dishes In Toronto

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: 331 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Street cred: “Have been eating here for 15 years and it is the most consistent restaurant in Toronto.” – Meeta S. on Yelp

Cuisine: Hakka Chinese

Location: 1060 Kennedy Rd., Scarborough

Street Cred: “The food here is always great! I really mean it. The chicken pekora is the best in the city.” – Hoan L. on Yelp

Cuisine: Afghani

Location: 119 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Street cred: “The meat is expertly spiced, perfectly cooked, and just plain delicious.” - Jon O. on Yelp

Cuisine: Somalian

Location: 18 Rexdale Blvd., Toronto

Street cred: “This place is amazing. Food is really tasty and the staff are really sweet.” – Anna on BlogTO

Cuisine: Pakistani

Location: 1365 Gerrard St. E., Toronto

Street cred: “Hands down the best butter chicken ever.” – FeedMe on UrbanSpoon

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Location: 2009 Yonge St. Toronto

Street cred: “I am picky when it comes to Middle Eastern food and Tabule really cuts it.” – Michael Niren on Google Reviews

Cuisine: Indian

Location: 2646 Islington Ave., Toronto

Street cred: “It is sometimes hard to believe that all the food is here is vegetarian. The food is tasty and so fresh.” – Heather M. on Yelp

Cuisine: South Indian

Location: 1123 Albion Rd., Toronto, Ont. M9V 4J7

Street cred: “A great place for Dosa Lovers. Great family place , Great Food and good service. A must go for Dosa Lovers.” – Google user on Google Reviews

Cuisine: French

Location: 166 Bedford Rd. Toronto

Street Cred: “This is my favorite restaurant in the city. It's a taste of Paris in Toronto. Great traditional French food.” – Eric Brown on Google Reviews

Cuisine: German

Location: 237 Queen St. E. Toronto

Street cred: “Best schnitzel ever. And huge!!!! It's for two, don't try to eat it alone, you'll go into a food coma.” – Sarah P. on Yelp

Pizzeria Libretto

Cuisine: Neapolitan pizza

Street cred: “…the only better pizza I ever had was in Naples or Rome” – Lushka on Urbanspoon

Ka Chi

Cuisine: Korean

Location: 8 St. Andrews St., Toronto, Ont. M5T 2G4

Street cred: “For about $7, you stuff yourself silly or you can take it home and have another meal later on.” – Neil T. on Yelp

El Trompo Taco Bar

Cuisine: Mexican

Location: 277 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Ont. M5T 2L7

Street cred: “Best authentic Mexican food I've ever had outside of Mexico.” – Ashley Bodiguel on Google Reviews

Cuisine: Japanese

Location: 55 Adelaide St. E, Toronto, Ont. M5C 1K6

Street cred: “Easily the best sushi in the city. Very authentic and extremely fresh.” – Faheem Ali on Google Reviews

Cuisine: Polish

Location: 357 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, Ont.

Street Cred: “This is a really great little bar, quirky, and somehow like a set from a David Lynch movie.” – Cathy from Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Spanish

Location: 922 Queen St. W., Toronto

Street cred: “The food was delicious, beautiful and clearly made with passion.” – Tara on Urbanspoon

El Arriero

Cuisine: Colombian

Location: 276 Jane St., Toronto, Ont. M6S 3Z2

Street cred: “The burritos are massive and very tasty. You need a fork and knife to dig into these babies!” – Party of Two on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Hungarian

Location: 253 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ont. M5T 2L8

Street cred: “This is a lovely little cafe that serves savoury and sweet crepes. It had the best lattes of anywhere we found in Downtown Toronto.” – Evie K on

Cuisine: British

Location: 35 Elm St., Toronto

Street cred: “This is one of those Elm St. gems you must experience.” – Enion H. on Yelp

Cuisine: Portuguese

Location: 33 Elm St., Toronto

Street cred: “We ate at Adega for my husband's birthday, and it was one of the best meals we had ever had-probably the best meal that we have ever paid for!” – Google User on Google Reviews

Cuisine: Thai

Location: 326 Adelaide St. W., Toronto

Street cred: "The food that is consistently amazing is what keeps bringing me back!" — Shirley C on Yelp