03/21/2014 16:19 EDT | Updated 05/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Bizarre haul of the Spiderman thief

Toronto police released 830 photos of items they say were stolen by a man who climbed walls and entered homes through skylights and second floor windows.

A suspect was charged in February with more than a dozen breaking and entering charges after a series of homes were robbed with help from flexible spy cams, listening devices and precious-metal testers. 

Police likened the thief to the superhero Spider-Man because, in some of the break ins, exterior walls were scaled to avoid motion alarms and gain access to second floor windows. In others, skylights were removed or holes were cut into attics.

The thief's climbing ability and arsenal of sophisticated tools prompted police to call the investigation Project Spiderman.

The break ins were clustered around high-end homes in neighbourhoods in and around Toronto including Forest Hill, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

If you recognize your property in the photo gallery above, contact the police at 32 Division in Toronto 416-808-3219 or e-mail: