03/21/2014 05:36 EDT | Updated 05/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Details of the latest sanctions imposed on Russia's leadership by Canada

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Canada expanded its sanctions Friday against a group of senior Russian officials as well as their personal bank. Those facing fresh sanctions include:

— Andrei Alexandrovich Fursenko, Putin aide;

— Alexei Gromov, first deputy head of presidential administration;

— Sergei Ivanov, chief of staff to the presidential executive office;

— Victor Petrovich Ivanov, member of the Russian security council;

— Vladimir Igorevich Kozhin, Putin's head of administration;

— Yuri Valentinovich Kovalchuk, largest single shareholder of Bank Rossiya and personal banker to senior officials;

— Sergey Yevgenyevich Naryshkin, chairman of the government Duma of the federal gathering of the Russian Federation;

— Lt.-Gen. Igor Dmitrievich Sergun, general staff chief of military intelligence;

— Yury Viktorovich Ushakov, Putin foreign policy adviser;

— Vladimir Pligin, chairman of the Duma constitutional law committee;

— Arkadii Viktorovich Bakhin, first deputy defence minister;

— Mikhail Vitalevich Margelov, chairman of the federation council committee for foreign affairs;

— Vitalii Nikitich Ignatenko, first deputy chairman of the federation council committee for foreign affairs;

— Gennady Timchenko, one of the founders of the Gunvor, a major commodity trading company.