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January Jones Poses Nude In Bathtub, Kinda Like Lady Gaga

Jennifer Lourie via Getty Images
HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 20: Actress January Jones attends the 2nd Annual Rebel With A Cause Gala hosted at the Paramount Studios on March 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagic)

We never thought we would say this, but January Jones and Lady Gaga have something in common: they have both posed nude in bathtubs.

Just days after Gaga posted a revealing selfie, Jones followed suit, albeit her photos were a little bit more stylish.

The "Mad Men" actress (omg you guys Season 7 starts soon!) posed in the buff for Violet Grey magazine and the resulting photos are breathtaking.

In one pic, the icy blond soaks in a tub while looking away from the camera; her hair completely wet and rocking a gorgeous manicure. (Did we mention that violet-coloured water and champagne were involved in the photo shoot?)

The 36-year-old shared a pic from the shoot on her Instagram account too.

In the revealing pic, the "Love Actually" actress lounges on a grey couch wearing nothing but a strategically placed fur coat. The mom captioned the pic, "@violetgrey #classicyettotallyimpracticaljustlikemyself."

"I prefer to remain mysterious and have people make their own judgment calls about me than to always have to explain who I am and what I'm about," Jones told Violet Grey. "I try to take risks and shock people a little bit, it's important to provoke some sort of emotion, negative or positive."

We've never wanted a bath so badly in our lives!

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