03/22/2014 12:05 EDT | Updated 05/23/2014 05:59 EDT

Lucy The Runaway Emu Has Been Found

It's been nearly a week since he's been on the run, but Lucy the emu is back where he belongs with owner Tim Genner.

The 16-year-old bird escaped from Genner's Cassidy, B.C. farm Sunday when someone left his pen open. Two days later, the bird was spotted about 20 km north near the Colliery Dam in Nanaimo.

Friday night, Lucy was finally cornered on the Nanaimo campus of  Vancouver Island University.

Lucy is a male bird with a female name. Several years after the 70-kilogram emu was named, Genner says, it was discovered that Lucy was not female, but the name stuck.

Genner had been using the Twitter account @Lucyontheloose​ to help track the bird, which from tweets appeared to be moving north.

Here's how Lucy's voyage looked

Sunday: Lucy flew the coop.

Monday: No known sightings.

Tuesday: Spotted near Colliery Lake Dam Park, and later spotted near Vancouver Island University

Wednesday - Spotted near Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Thursday - Possible emu sounds heard in area of Lost Lake Road near Rutherford Road area.