03/24/2014 06:07 EDT | Updated 03/24/2014 06:59 EDT

Whistler Flash Mob Proposal Video Channels 'The Lion King'

It's Hakuna Matata for two Whistler, B.C. residents who got engaged following an elaborate flash mob caught on video over the weekend.

Filmed on Saturday and uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the video opens with Jared Lekkas, about to propose to his girlfriend, commenting on how many people came out to watch the event.

"Like most news in Whistler, word got around," states the video description. "Somehow it seemed that everyone knew about the flash mob and hundreds turned out to spectate. Luckily though word of the mob had not caught Sofie's ear."

In the video, Lekkas' girlfriend, Sofie Obermüller, watches the flash mob — which incorporated songs from "The Lion King" — without any idea that it would eventually end with her engagement.

The performance wrapped up with Lekkas emerging from under a blanket, wearing a lion costume and getting down on one knee (yes, Obermüller accepted).

“In real time it went real quick,” Lekkas told Global News. “My idea was just to look her straight in her eyes and let it happen. There was a lot of relief, a lot of pride that everything went off well.”

Here's to wishing these two the best as they embark on The Circle Of, er, Marriage.

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