03/24/2014 05:52 EDT | Updated 03/24/2014 09:59 EDT

Pig Fell Off Ontario Truck, Resting Up At Cedar Rowe Farm Sanctuary

This little piggy didn't go to market.

Instead, the fortunate fugitive managed to find love.

According to Cedar Rowe Animal Sanctuary, the fortunate soul tumbled out of a truck near Shakespeare, Ontario last Friday.

The ten-pounder was, according to rescuers, in danger of freezing to death in a ditch. Instead, someone picked it up -- and brought it to the shelter in nearby Stratford.

"It's crazy how many piglets are falling off trucks," the sanctuary noted on its Facebook page. "This is the ninth one that has come to Cedar Row over the years.

"It's not the ones that are lucky enough that we feel bad for, it's the ones that don't make it. This little pig would have died last night if she wasn't found."

And if you're wondering what sort of fate likely awaited this little fella?

Have a look at this very in-depth -- and disturbing - photo essay on a pig's transition from a living being... to bacon.

WARNING: You may never look at meat the same way again.

Meanwhile, people who care about animals are getting pelted by kids in cars on their way back from McDonald's.

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