03/25/2014 04:45 EDT | Updated 03/27/2014 08:59 EDT

Dx3: Joseph Barbieri Says Brands Are In Search Of Social Relevance (VIDEO)

Marketing, journalism, media and entertainment worlds are colliding says Joseph Barbieri, managing director, content & media partnerships at advertising firm Sid Lee. The result, he states, are brands are not afraid of tying their marketing to social causes.

"Consumers want to really connect and engage with give loyalty to brands that actually aren't shy about connecting what they do and say, even if they are trying to sell something, to an issue of global relevance," said Barbieri.

Watch the full interview from the Dx3 Conversation Studio above. The interview was conducted during Dx3 Canada 2014, Canada's largest conference and trade show focused on digital marketing, advertising and retailing held March 5-6th in Toronto.