03/25/2014 10:22 EDT | Updated 03/27/2014 09:59 EDT

Canucks Suck? Jump On Bruins Bandwagon, Says Fan


A B.C.-born Boston Bruins fan is trying to get a rise out of Vancouver Canucks supporters by offering an unusual reward — if they agree to betray their floundering hometown team.

Rocky Mix, a die-hard Bruins fan from Vancouver, is using Kijiji to search for Canucks fans willing to “change their life for the better” by pledging a new, life-long loyalty to the rival Bruins via Youtube.

Mix is looking for Canuck fans upload videos announcing their new allegiance. The video with the most views will win a free Jarome Iginla jersey, as well as a full Centre Ice subscription for the Bruins 2014-15 season, writes Mix in his Kijiji posting.

"You must show proof you've been a Canuck fan in the past," he adds. "Let's be honest, the less Canuck fans in the world, the happier place it will be for all of us."

However, the offer might just add insult to injury for fans who still vividly remember the Bruins beating the Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011 (which ignited the riot in downtown Vancouver).

But Mix says he started the contest to tease his Canuck-faithful co-workers who have suffered through plenty of losses this season.

“They’ve been awfully quiet over the past month… so I just thought it would be funny to see if there’s anybody out there that would actually switch over and pledge allegiance to the Bruins” he says. “I grew up in the (B.C.) Interior and a lot of Canucks fans in that area were really bandwagonny so I figured that’s probably how it is everywhere.”

Tavares Demelo, who grew up watching the Canucks, is adamant that most of the team's supporters are loyal, and potential traitors ought to be ashamed.

“You definitely won’t gain respect from the hockey community if you change (your) team," says Demelo. "People will respect that you stayed with a team that hasn’t won yet.”

The Canucks are fighting for the second wild-card playoff spot in the Western Conference. They finally won two straight games since mid-January with a victory over Buffalo on the weekend. The Bruins, meanwhile, are on a 12-game winning streak and top the Eastern Conference standings.

Mix has yet to receive any videos since his posting went up March 4, but insists he’s still optimistic: “I have had people ask about the jersey, but I’m still hoping I can get a couple videos and just show them to some people for a laugh.”

The online contest closes on April 15, two days after the Canucks’ final regular season game.

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