03/25/2014 03:19 EDT | Updated 05/25/2014 05:59 EDT

'I don't like this:' The final moments of First Air Flight 6560

The last few moments of First Air Flight 6560, which left from Yellowknife heading for Resolute at 2:40 p.m., Aug. 20, 2011:

4:38:49 p.m. — A change in the autopilot mode goes undetected by the crew.

4:38:50 p.m. — Pilot takes plane out of final turn and begins approach to Resolute airport.

4:39:13 p.m. — Co-pilot tells pilot five times the plane seems to be coming in to the right of the desired track.

4:39:33 p.m. — Pilot responds autopilot tracking properly.

4:40:17 p.m. — Co-pilot expresses concern about course, reminds pilot of a hill to the right of the airport.

4:40:30 p.m. — Co-pilot suggests they go around and try approach again after navigation issues settled.

4:40:42 p.m. — Co-pilot warns pilot they are too close to the runway and the plane isn't configured for landing.

4:40:49 p.m. — Co-pilot requests pilot turn to the left.

4:40:54 p.m. — Pilot says he can't turn left.

4:41:46 p.m. — Co-pilot calls captain by first name, says: "I don't like this."

4:41:47 p.m. — Warning system alerts pilots of impending hazard.

4:41:51 p.m. — Pilot calls for "go-around thrust."

4:41:52 p.m. — Airplane crashes into hill.

(Source: Transportation Safety Board)