03/26/2014 10:57 EDT

Chris Martin's Fave Rolling Stones' Song Is 'She's So Cold' (Because Conscious Uncoupling?)

News of Coldplay's Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow splitting up -- er, "conscious uncoupling" -- after 11 years of marriage made headlines yesterday, but a tossed-off quote to a TMZ cameraman in 2013 video might have indirectly suggested something was amiss.

TMZ reports Martin was followed by a videographer for the site as Martin was in Santa Monica, California. "Hey Chris, man, how's it going?" the videographer asks in the 21-second clip. Martin looks back and keeps walking. "What's your favorite Rolling Stones song?" "What's that, man?" Martin asks, not hearing the question initially.

When the videographer asks the question again, the Coldplay singer looks back and quickly says, "She's So Cold." "Really? Is that what you named your band after?" the videographer says in response. "Exactly," Martin says before entering a building.

"She's So Cold" is found on the 1980 album "Emotional Rescue" and was the lead single released in September, 1980. The band also released a video for the song as shown on YouTube. "Yes I tried re-wiring, tried re-firing her/I think her engine is permanently stalled," Mick Jagger sings, later comparing the girl in question to an ice cream cone.

TMZ joked Martin could have cited other Rolling Stones songs with more blatant inferences such as "Beast Of Burden" or "19th Nervous Breakdown." However, as some diehard fans of the group know, Martin could've also pulled out any other number of deeper Stones tracks to hit a nerve: "Had It With You," "Stupid Girl," "Heart Of Stone," "I'm Free" or, of course, "Bitch."

But for now Martin probably has mixed emotions or is shattered in the aftermath of realizing that you can't always get what you want.

As for his band Coldplay, the group's new studio album "Ghost Stories" comes out May 19. The band revealed some new songs during a performance at the iTunes festival held during SXSW. Elsewhere, Martin will appear in upcoming episodes of NBC's "The Voice" to work as an special advisor to the remaining contestants.

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