03/26/2014 12:31 EDT

High River Flood Victim Wins Show Home Worth Almost $1 Million (PHOTOS)

An family forced out of their home by last year's Alberta flood has won a show home worth almost $1 million.

High River resident William Rader was out of his house for almost two months after flood waters swamped most of the town south of Calgary last June.

Rader bought a ticket for the STARS air ambulance fundraising lottery and was one of four grand prize winners.

He says finding out he won a house is surreal and it will take some time to sink in.

The 35-year-old oil and gas worker was on his day off Tuesday, when he got the call.

However, whoever called him didn't cut to the chase with news of the actual prize, he told The Calgary Sun, so when he finally asked, he was shocked.

“I kind of almost fell out of my chair. It’s too good to be true right now,” Rader told CBC News Tuesday, shortly after learning about the win.

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STARS Lottery Red Deer Show Home

The new house — worth $945,000 — is a bit of a drive from High River.

It's located in the central Alberta city of Red Deer.

Rader said it's nice to have housing options. Although his family has not decided whether they will make the move to Red Deer, he told 660 News his house in High River is "not 100 per cent" and that they are slowly rebuilding.

The lottery draw was originally scheduled to take place on April 17, but STARS officials explained that under the rules of the draw, an early sell-out allowed them to make the draw on Tuesday instead.

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