03/26/2014 06:55 EDT | Updated 03/26/2014 06:59 EDT

Flower Tree In English Bay Will Be So Awesome (PHOTOS)

A new public art piece could give English Bay's A-maze-ing Laughter a run for its money.

Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa's Flower Tree is set to be installed not too far from Yue Minjun's beloved artwork.

And, based on this rendering, it looks equally cool:

flower tree

It's coming to town as part of the Vancouver Biennale, which celebrates public art by featuring internationally renowned artists in the city.

The metal and plastic tree will be 18 feet high, and will be erected on the water near living trees, reports The Globe And Mail.

flower tree

Other artists participating in the 18-month event, which started this month, include Ai Weiwei and Hugo França.

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