03/26/2014 11:39 EDT | Updated 03/26/2014 11:59 EDT

'No Bystanders' Ad Shows How Bullying <i>Really</i> Works

What you learn as a child will follow you into adulthood.

A new commercial created by London-based LGBTQ lobby group, Stonewall, for their anti-bullying campaign called “No Bystanders”, shows that bullying isn’t exclusive to children and can become a habit that follows us into adulthood.

The commercial, narrated by English actor Sir Ian McKellen, shows children name-calling in the schoolyard, then growing up and continuing to do so in the workplace. It also shows how those who are bullied can begin bullying themselves.

The commercial teaches us all a valuable lesson on how quickly our actions can turn into habits, and the effects they have on others. It reminds us that kindness is definitely the way to go.

A recent study conducted by Laura Bogart at Boston Children’s Hospital found that teens who suffered from bullying throughout their school career were more likely to have poorer health than their peers.

Only about seven per cent of the 10th grade students who had never been bullied scored low on mental health measures in the study, compared to 45 per cent of those who underwent persistent bullying, according to a Reuters article.

McKellen, who is also the co-founder of Stonewall, said it perfectly in a statement about the campaign, as Design Taxi reports:

“Abuse ruins people’s lives. We all have a responsibility to take a stand and put a stop to it. By making sure that bullying is reported and prejudice is challenged, we can help ensure that every person in Britain lives free from fear of persecution and violence.”

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