03/27/2014 09:51 EDT | Updated 03/27/2014 10:59 EDT

DeAndre Tatum, 18, Is Fourth Victim To Die After Drunk Driver Hit Crowd At SXSW Music Fest


The fatal car crash that caused so much chaos and destruction at the recent SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas has claimed a fourth victim, 18-year-old DeAndre Tatum.

In the early hours of March 13, a drunk driver attempting to avoid a roadside checkpoint was chased by police and drove through a barricade blocking a closed-off street that was full of festival-goers.

Rashad Owens, a 21-year-old aspiring rapper, allegedly drove into a crowd of people waiting in line for a show at the Mohawk Club, killing 27-year-old Jamie West and 35-year-old Steven Craenmehr and injuring 23 others.

The police warrant reads that video of the incident "shows the Honda accelerating into crowds, not simply crowded areas but crowds of people who are hit by the car and flung into the air." Owens attempted to flee after the accident and was Tased by police.

A third victim, 26-year-old Sandy Le, died four days later.

Owens, who had a blood alcohol of .114, considerably over the legal limit of .08, has been charged with capital murder and remains in jail with bail set at $3 million. He will face the death penalty when his case comes to trial.

Organizers of the SXSW festival, which attracts over 200,000 to Austin during its ten-day run, are collecting donations for the victims and their families at

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