03/27/2014 08:38 EDT | Updated 05/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Mexican man faces deportation after misunderstanding

Miguel Luna knew that he would be leaving Canada to return home to Mexico soon — but he didn’t know it would be this soon.

Luna met with a Canadian immigration officer Tuesday to discuss his departure date which was set for the end of April. Luna, who worked as a cashier at a cafeteria in a Montreal vocational school, asked for a short extension to May 10 so that he could finish his work contract and pay his Quebec taxes.

The agent denied his request and said he had 20 days to leave Canada.

After what he and his immigration lawyer said were some misunderstandings about his plane ticket back to Mexico, he was detained immediately and his deportation was ordered for Thursday.

Lawyer Chantal Ianniciello said Luna’s record with Immigration Canada was spotless.

“He hasn’t missed one appointment, he hasn’t tried to evade the system, he’s always been very sharp with his files,” she said.

Luna came to Canada in December 2008 after being attacked in his Mexico City home and being the object of death threats, he told CBC News from the detention centre where he is being held. He tried claiming refugee status once here, but his request was denied.

With the knowledge that he would soon be deported, he applied to a Mexican university in another city and was accepted. Ianniciello said he planned to go to university and try to immigrate to Canada as a qualified worker upon his graduation.

“He wanted to go back. He made the arrangements,” Ianniciello said.

She doesn’t believe the immigration officer had a good reason to arrest him, given that Luna had proof of his enrolment at the university in Mexico.

She said it’s fairly rare that a case like Luna’s ends up the way it did and will argue for his release from detention and to have his deportation pushed back to May.