Slow Cooker Cake: 15 Crock-Pot Dessert Recipes To Eat Right Now

In the world of baking, slow cookers are basically the new mini ovens.

These relativity tiny kitchen appliances, most popularly known by the Crock-Pot brand, allows bakers to make sweet-looking and tasty desserts while they're not around.

Even with this cold weather drifting away, a lot of people are still looking to their slow cookers to make hearty and comforting meals. From stews to meat dishes, we've now realized the slow cooker can make just about anything — including cake.

Made in the similar process as baking with regular ovens, slow cooker cakes just take a couple of extra hours (this is where the slow part comes in). We recommend adding all your basic cake ingredients to your cooker in the morning or on a weekend afternoon, and let it cook while you're at work or running errands.

Here are 15 of the best cake recipes from around the web, including everything from gluten-free desserts to chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Enjoy!

15 Easy Slow Cooker Cakes

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